Do you think that the value of the Mona Lisa will decrease? Unlikely — and the same applies to luxurious vehicle brands like Porsche, Ferrari, Aston Martin, Bugatti and Mercedes-Benz. Collectable vehicles are classics which do not merely hold their value, but CONTINUOUSLY appreciate over time. How high the value ends up is difficult to predict. What is clear is that such tangible assets will not lose value.

The Mission

Our mission is to generate returns which are as long-term and stable as possible. To achieve this we have developed a new investment strategy. The broad diversification of our investments reduces the risk of losses close to zero. The targeted investments in innovative start-up companies makes it possible to achieve enormous increases in value. The core focus is on stable returns, however, that will remain attractive in the long-term.

The Vision

Our investment portfolio covers the entire value chain. This means that we extract the maximum benefit from investing in a given sector. When investing in the energy industry, for example, we do not focus solely on Tesla. Our investments in e-mobility go much further, extending to battery manufacturers, autonomous driving technology, as well as car manufacturers. On the fringe, we are also involved in renewable energies such as wind power. If the sector is profitable, we benefit from the entire value chain.

The Team

Mercuria Helvetica AG is comprised of specialised and qualified experts. Our industry-wide expertise, the innovative design of our investments, and the breadth of our contact network ensure the best possible results. We support our team members and enable them to develop their strengths optimally. Expertise is essential, particularly when dealing with alternative investments and technology companies. Poor investment choices reduce returns and decrease the chances of disproportionate increases in value.



Fernando Verboonen   CEO

Fernando Verboonen



Board of Directors

Benedikt Halter   Founder and President of the Board

Benedikt Halter

Founder and President of the Board

Valerie Halter   Founder and Board Member

Valerie Halter

Founder and Board Member


Advisory board

Patrick Allemann   Founder, Proxeus

Patrick Allemann

Founder, Proxeus

Frank Rickert   Founder and CEO, Mechatronik

Frank Rickert

Founder and CEO, Mechatronik

Adam Goldberg   Founder Goldberg Capital

Adam Goldberg

Founder Goldberg Capital